Posted in April 2012

Secular Wisdom ≠ the Prosperity Gospel

Is this the kind of thinking that gets you a berth at the New York Times? Ross Douthat apparently can’t distinguish between “Prosperity Theology” and the use of secular tools in promoting religious faith: I should say that I’m an admirer of Rick Warren and I do quote him in the book specifically condemning prosperity … Continue reading »

Church and State

When I hear Christians talking about something “we” ought to do, it often disturbs me how easily they confuse what “we” should do as individual Christians, as the church, and as citizens of a secular state. Christians from the ideological right often ask the state to base its policies on a Christian understanding of marriage, … Continue reading »

Administrative Note

Well, I haven’t blogged very much here lately. I’ve been awfully busy coming up to speed on things over at the church. (I posted a picture here of my new computer at work.) I hope to begin posting a little more frequently here, but the reason I’m posting today is to make sure everything is … Continue reading »