Posted in March 2009

Unexpected Currents

Have you ever spent any time in the ocean? My in-laws have a house in southern Orange County. Whenever we visit, we go down to the same beach near their home. So we stake out a place on the beach and then we go out into the surf to swim and splash around. I enjoy … Continue reading »

Read and Comment

From Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy: The “real” world has little room for a God of sparrows and children. To it, Jesus can only seem “otherworldly” — a good-hearted person out of touch with reality. Yes, it must be admitted that he is influential, but only because he affirms what weak-minded and fainthearted individuals fantasize … Continue reading »

08B Update

Unofficially, the vote at Presbytery today on Amendment 08B was 42/53/2. That is to say, 42 in favor, 53 against, and 2 recommending no action.


Here’s what I said at Presbytery today. When I began the process of discerning my call to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament, the leaders of my church encouraged me to participate in a discernment group. So one evening I sad down with a group of people to discuss with me, in detail, all the … Continue reading »

Morongo Basin Leadership Prayer Breakfast

I’m looking forward to the Leadership Prayer Breakfast on Friday. The speaker is Mark Joseph. All I know about him is what Google tells me. I got this bio from his column at the Huffington Post: Mark Joseph is a multi-media producer, columnist and author. His books include Pop Goes Religion, Faith, God & Rock … Continue reading »