Posted in April 2009

Catalyst West Coast 2009 (More)

There were a number of great talks over the two days of the Catalyst Conference, but in some ways the first was the best. (For me as a pastor. Another talk was the best for me as a follower of Christ; I’ll write about that in a few days.) The talk was by Andy Stanley, … Continue reading »

Catalyst West Coast 2009 (More)

There was a great slate of speakers at the conference, including some “big names” like Rick Warren and Andy Stanley and Ravi Zacharias. There was also a great presentation by Erwin McManus (whose book Unstoppable Force we just studied in the Wednesday class). But one of the most impressive speakers was someone I’d never heard … Continue reading »

Catalyst West Coast 2009

This is the first year that Catalyst has had a west-coast event. I’m glad I went. That’s the worship (or, Presbyterians would say, the “worship music”). The band is Hillsong United, from Australia.

Susan Boyle is a Reminder

Today I heard about Susan Boyle, the singing sensation who wowed the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. (Her story is summarized here, and it’s worth reading.) It’s a touching reminder how much we judge people. All the time, and to our shame. But God is good, and occasionally lets us see in one person, like … Continue reading »

O God, Thy Being Who Can Sound

I recently happened to hear the hymn “O God, Thy Being Who Can Sound.” (Here.) It’s a beautiful arrangement, and I wondered that I hadn’t heard the hymn before. I googled for it awhile, but couldn’t find it. But it kept bugging me, so I posted an inquiry on Facebook, and someone there found it … Continue reading »

In Time for Holy Week: Apostasy!

C.S. Lewis somewhere decries ministers who desert their faith but feel they should be left to “carry on” in their office in the church. Here’s a case in point: an Episcopal Muslim: “Both religions say there’s only one God,” Redding said, “and that God is the same God. It’s very clear we are talking about … Continue reading »