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No duh: a study concludes that clergy key reason worshipers switch congregations. (There’s a joke that pastors tell about this: when a person leaves a congregation, it’s the pastor’s fault. When the pastor leaves the congregation, it’s six people’s fault.)

I’m flabbergasted at how controversial the mere idea of church growth is, to people who joined a small church. I wish they’d read things like this: Disciple multiplication is the main thing.

Some implications of The Cultural Challenge of Biblical Illiteracy.

I like the art for the upcoming Son of God movie.

How does your state rate on a scale from most- to least-religious, according to Gallup?

Using the Concierge Model for Excellent Hospitality.

Willimon reviews a book that advocates theological reading of Scripture.

I need to correspond more. Here’s some advice about writing letters that I could follow.

Feel-good story: Englishman reunited with dozens he saved from Nazi death camp.

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