Assorted Links

Some of the many things I’ll never get around to blogging:

A picture of the Appian Way, just like Paul walked on.

10 Things First-Time Church Visitors Don’t Want to hear.

And, related, Eight Terrible Church Visits.

Ed Stetzer is blogging (in tiny installments) about laypeople and the mission of God. Part three: customers to owners. Part four: changing the culture of expectation in your Church.

A great but terrible podcast from Andy Stanley on pastors as leaders.

Megachurch Come-and-See Movement Fizzling? Huh? This is a deliberately-provocative headline — the question mark is in the original — or it’s just wrong-headed. I get that an attractional church model might not be effective today, but “come and see” is invitational and, so, missional. Certainly the often cited scriptural examples in John 1 and 4 are missional.

A mixed review of Tullian Tchividjian’s Glorious Ruin. It’s a gentle critique, so I’ll gently respond that the pros far outweigh the cons. This is an important contribution that the North American church could stand to hear more of.

Let pastors be pastors. It’s always fun to read a perspective from the other side of the church, where there are expectations for pastors to be strong leaders, entrepreneurs, and evangelists.

This: Why evangelicals should defend Mormons from Mockery.

Going back to believable evangelism.

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