Apparently We Don’t Believe Anything

Another problem with the new PC(USA) web site: apparently we don’t believe anything anymore. Or, if we do, those beliefs are carefully hidden.

Now, I’m on record as liking the new look of our denomination’s website. And I’ve already commented, negatively, about a particularly smarmy “reasons I’m a Presbyterian” badge posted there.

But I was hoping the PC(USA) web site would at least be better organized. I entertained the hope that it would be easier to find things there now, and it’s not.

It’s always been difficult to find anything. The organization is…um…let’s say, “obscure.” I got in the habit, whenever I needed to find something there, of using a Google search with appended. That’s how I found what we believe.

But if you follow that link today, it doesn’t go to a web page about what Presbyterians believe. It goes to an advertisement for people to buy the dead-trees Presbyterians Today magazine! Apparently there’s a plan to add selected content there over time, like this helpful piece about “how to speak Presbyterian.”

Dead trees–I kid you not! In 2010! GAMC FAIL. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Apparently We Don’t Believe Anything

  1. Luke,

    Now, in fairness, the site does provide a search feature, and when I search for “beliefs” it gives me several theology-related links. That should count for something.

    On the other hand, when I click those links, I get this message:
    “Invalid parameter range – contains potentially unsafe characters”

    (By the way, as an ex-Catholic I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the Presbyterian Church doesn’t have a monopoly on unsafe characters.)

    Okay, in all seriousness, the Church (not PC, not Baptist, but Christ’s Church writ large) does seem to lack boldness.


  2. Hank: those links are mostly in “” and appear to be different ways to buy dead trees. In 2010. Like I’m going to spend money and wait a week to find out whether we’re pre-, post-, or amillenials. Or preterites.

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